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Expectations for the Network

A Directory of Services

We plan to build a directory of professional members of MARACs up and down the UK. We have been advised by our current users that they would find a directory of users in other areas extremely useful and this was and is the prime reason for creating this forum. We understand that the clientele served by the agencies involved in MARACs can be very mobile and it is very far from rare for information to need to be forwarded or gathered from services in other parts of the country but currently there is no means of easily identifying or contacting the professional services required. We hope and believe that by building this directory we will be able to solve that problem and allow our members to identify and contact a suitable professional colleague anywhere in the country.

Referral pathways

Further to the directory we intend to provide a secure referral pathway for cases that need to be transferred from one area to another. This will operate on different levels depending on the software system in use by the parties involved but it is our intention that we will be able to develop and provide the ability to generate and send information electronically from the various agencies involved in the process.

Best practice

Having decided to respond to the need of our users for a directory and referral pathway we decided to further enhance the forum by offering the members the ability to share best practice guidance, ask questions from the membership to help inform practice.


Additional to the above feature we also decided to upload guidance on operating a MARAC or any other subject deemed of interest. This feature is not limited to us as the operators of the site but we wish to actively encourage the membership to participate by sharing their own experiences of best practice or indeed worst practice as this can be beneficial as well.

Invite only access

As you will have identified by now the forum we are building is one in which you need to have complete confidence from the security position and we have therefore decided we will closely control access to the forum and ensure that all the members are professional MARC participants. We will do this by actively authenticating all members before allowing them to have access to the site. If you have been referred to the site and wish to join we will require you to provide sufficient information to allow us to approve your application which will usually mean providing details of your organisation and your manager. We will contact your manager to seek confirmation of your position. We hope this level of authentication is not offensive to you but we must ensure the security of the site for the benefit of all the members.